Art Direction, Studio Photography and Animation for @minniestyle

Client: Disney



To promote and grow @MinnieStyle—an Instagram destination for all things Minnie Mouse, with a focus on fashion, art, music, and pop culture—and to highlight product and collaborations.



Each month, my team and I developed social strategies for content calendars, shaped by product priorities, seasonal trends and culture, and social holidays. To amplify reach and increase engagement, we partnered with social influencers and featured monthly sweepstakes contests for fans. For original content, we produced photoshoots for street style (on a model, in an environment, etc.) and studio (flat lays, detail close ups, etc.). We also used animations to highlight high-level product collaborations.



I worked with my team to develop the monthly strategies and content calendars, contributing research on fashion, trends and social holidays. I was also the lead studio photographer and photo editor, and I created all of the animated content ranging from stop motion to hand-drawn to digital (After Effects).