Estrella Micheladas


Senior Art Direction of World Cup Micheladas with Estrella Jalisco

Client: Estrella Jalisco



To celebrate the 2018 World Cup and highlight Estrella Jalisco being the Official Beer of the Mexican National Team.


Leaning into the food and beverage culture surrounding the World Cup, we created a social video series called “World Cup Micheladas” that showcased michelada recipes inspired by World Cup teams. Each michelada had Estrella Jalisco at its base, and we used elaborate garnishes to customize the recipes for each team’s country, such as pão de queijo and an overall palate of red, white and green for Brazil.


Starting with pre-production, I developed the look and feel of the series, and storyboarded the general structure of each episode. During production, I was on-set providing creative direction and support to the director and food stylist, and even stood in as a hand model. Additionally, I wrote and designed all of the titles and doodles.