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Paperscapes Project

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Creation and Design of Paperscapes project

Personal Project



To revisit my travels through paper whenever I feel wanderlust.

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Using photos from my travels for reference, I began to reimagine the places I have gone to through paper (#paperscapesproject). I recreated places associated with strong memories, cutting each piece by hand and gradually sculpting the landscape through the layers. I selected paper textures, colors, and I incorporated paper elements from things I had collected from the respective place—rice paper from Miyajima Island in Japan, mulberry paper from Chiangmai, Thailand, and origami paper my mom bought for me as a kid in California.

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I wanted to start a creative project that tied back to my travels, and encouraged me to reflect and remember where I’ve been. I designed and hand-cut each piece, and hope to create a piece for every country I’ve visited. This is an on-going series.

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