Space Clones


Senior Art Direction of Space Clones activation

Client: Warner Bros.



To promote Space Clones, a Warner Bros. activation. In collaboration with Funko, Warner Bros. created an animated short featuring Marvin the Martian called Space Clones! Invasion: Phase 1, where Marvin the Martian accidentally clones himself. A lot. To compliment this short, Warner Bros. invited artists and creatives to design and paint unique Marvin the Martian Funko Dorbz. During San Diego Comic-Con 2017, these Marvin the Martian Funko Dorbz were auctioned, with proceeds going to charity.



My team and I took a mini road trip from LA down to San Diego Comic-Con, posting content along the way to tease the upcoming Space Clones Comic-Con event. Leading up to Comic-Con, I designed three Marvin the Martian murals (which were painted and realized by San Diego local artist Katie Gaines) and a tile-able Marvin the Marvin poster, all of which were painted and wheat pasted across San Diego. These created photo opportunities in the surrounding Comic-Con area to amplify the campaign organically as fans shared photos on social. Additionally, my team and I developed an influencer strategy involving seeding boxes of officially licensed merchandise for Comic-Con of Marvin the Martian swag including Marvin Converse sneakers, glow-in-the-dark limited edition enamel pins, and astronaut ice cream. 



As a childhood fan of Marvin the Martian, I had too much fun on this project, and it was a dream to create and design around one of my favorite characters. I was the lead creative and designed the three murals, the posters, limited edition enamel pins, lanyards, and packaging (card, box and tissue paper). I was also on the ground capturing content and meeting with our influencer partners at Comic-Con.