Get Animated Invasion Grammy Museum


Senior Art Direction of The Get Animated Invasion Grammy Museum pop-up

Client: Warner Bros.



To continue evolving the Get Animated Invasion, landing this time in Los Angeles at the Grammy Museum.


Equipped with learnings from the successful first Invasion, we began planning for an even larger interactive pop-up space. To make this Invasion unique, and to tie to the Grammy Museum, we focused on the theme of music. The music and soundtracks of each of these franchises are characters themselves. They punctuate actions, inspire emotions, and establish tone, enriching the storytelling with new color and vibrance.

My team dove into the history of music for each franchise and the time of its inception. We developed design concepts for each of the twelve areas of the pop-up space, fabricating some and tapping talented artists to create others. The result was an interactive wonderland of unique spaces for exploring the music of the cartoons: we fabricated a record store that featured Get Animated-inspired albums with listening booths; we collaborated with artist Joshua Vides to create a black-lit basketball court where visitors could sit on the bench with Bugs and Daffy to watch Space Jam; and we collaborated with Confetti Systems to create a sparkling Animaniacs karaoke booth, to list a few.


As the Senior Art Director, I developed the look, feel and branding of the pop-up as a whole, including the iconography, signage, PR press kits, and digital marketing. I developed and collaborated on the designs for the spaces What’s Opera Doc?, Rabbit of Seville, Long Haired Hare, Get Animated Records, Flintstones, and Tom and Jerry. Other creative responsibilities included: photographing the space for press, designing over 25 album covers inspired by the franchises, and designing a music scoring app for Tom and Jerry.