Smile 4 Gold


Senior Art Direction of the Smile 4 Gold

one-day pop-up

Client: Under Armour



To launch and hype up the limited edition Under Armour Curry 4 “More Rings” Championship Pack in the Bay Area. 



My team and I created a one-day pop-up that elevated the sneakers by contextualizing them in a high-end jewelry environment, tying to a facet of basketball culture and to Steph Curry’s two championship rings. Entering past a velvet rope and bouncers stationed at the doors, we invited fans to visit this unique sneaker experience to see a series of curated and styled display cases featuring the shoes as priceless and precious valuables. At the end of the experience, we gave fans the opportunity to fully inspect the sneakers for themselves, beyond the glass cases. Leaning into social media, we strategized a marketing campaign using paid media and social influencers to amplify reach, supplemented by user generated content around a dedicated hashtag.


I collaborated with a dedicated creative team and SJ Made to design and build out Smile 4 Gold. I led conceptual design out of New York and props styling, and I designed and created digital and physical promotional materials including a one-of-a-kind “Smile4Gold” necklace, sweeps stakes cards, a day-of Instagram story, and metallic gold set dressing elements like gold basketballs and mouth guards.