Get Animated Branding


Get Animated

branding design and development

Client: Warner Bros.



To develop and create a logo and branding for Get Animated, a Warner Bros.’ initiative for its classic animations—Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, and Animaniacs—that brings these beloved characters into pop culture today.


Warner Bros.’ classic animations have entertained and moved us for years. From Bugs Bunny to Velma to Dot Warner, these iconic characters of have inspired generations to outsmart their rivals, solve mysteries, sing their hearts out—to be animated. “Get Animated” is a call to action to channel that nostalgic energy but in a new and vibrant way.

At the start of my branding research, I knew that Get Animated needed a visual foundation in the cartoons. While the shows are very different from each other, I found commonalities between them that I could use to unite them under one logo. Movement and chases propelled the stories forward, from Wile E. Coyote blasting off with a rocket, to Jerry eluding Tom through an elaborate mouse trap. Design was bold and clean with perfect imperfections. Contrast was essential, from color palates, to character dynamics, to backgrounds. And the most obvious common thread—they were all hand-drawn.

After thoughtful creative exploration, I landed on the final logo. The hand-drawn lettering is a nod to the animators and hands that brought these characters to life, and the uniqueness of each letter echos the quirky individuality of each of the characters. The imperfections and textured edges reflect the vibrant energy buzzing from the characters and shows. The slight upward angle is movement forward and up, and the italicization emphasizes that movement while also emphasizing the sentiment to “get animated”. And the black and white color palate goes back to the basics of drawing, allowing the background or visual context that the logo is paired with to give Get Animated color and vibrance.


I designed the logo and branding guidelines. I further developed additional design elements as needed—iconography, patterns, and expanded color palate. I continued designing for Get Animated-branded campaigns which have included neon signs, in-store signage and displays, online ads, experiential pop-ups (U.S. and Asia), print materials, press kits, and limited edition merch.