Victory Stories


Senior Art Direction of Victory Stories online video series

Client: Under Armour



To continue building Under Armour’s library of motivational and inspirational video content on their health and wellness blog Under Armour Connected Fitness.


For a market that craves authentic and transformative stories, my team created a short documentary-style series that celebrates stories of real individuals who have undertaken journeys in health and wellness. Telling these stories—ranging from overcoming a family history of health problems, to running marathons in the memory of a loved one—stitches together the Under Armour community, uniting them in their common goals to change their lifestyle to be their best self and to help others achieve the same.


It was an amazing opportunity to share these narratives, and I was fortunate to work with a solid crew of people. To bring these short documentary-style stories to life, I was involved in every step of the creative process—from concept and pre-production, to shoot days, to post. As the creative lead, I collaborated with the Victory Story individuals and the director to develop the story arcs, script beats and shot lists; I was on-set overseeing each production and interview session; and I worked closely with the director, editor, and composer in post to finalize each episode and deliverable.