Get Animated Invasion


Senior Art Direction of The Get Animated Invasion pop-up

Client: Warner Bros.



To officially launch the lifestyle Instagram account @getanimated, a social hub that celebrates Warner Bros.’ classic animations—Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, and Animaniacs—and brings some of animation’s most beloved characters into popular culture today.


My team and I created an experiential pop-up that reimagined these classic animations in new and interactive ways, capitalizing on the trending popularity of pop-ups amplified by social sharing. The 3-day pop-up consisted of different “worlds” representing each franchise—Bugs Bunny’s forest, Tom and Jerry’s Living room, The Flintstones ice cream cereal bar, etc.—that each had interactive and photo-op elements. Leaning into social media, we strategized a marketing campaign using paid media and social influencers to drive both digital and actual foot traffic to @getanimated and the Invasion, supplemented by user generated content around a dedicated hashtag.



As someone who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, this was such a dream project for me. I was the Senior Art Director and I collaborated with a dedicated creative team to develop the overarching strategy and creative aesthetic. I led conceptual design and worked closely with fabricators and production partners to bring these cartoons and set pieces to life. I also photographed the space and designed digital and physical promotional materials including invitations, the official website, and PR press kit.