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Portraits of Women Project

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Creation and Design of Portraits of Women project

Personal Project



To celebrate Women’s History Month and recognize some amazing women in my own creative style.


On Instagram (#portraitsofwomenproject), I highlighted women—that I know directly or through nomination—by creating paper portraits of their side profile silhouettes with a brief statement of who they are. Each hand-cut portrait is unique and bespoke to reflect the individual through patterns, texture, color, and background, but they are all united through the creative approach, speaking to our individuality and community as women. The silhouettes face forward, recognizing the history of strong women that got us to where we are today, but looking towards the future as we continue to make history.



I wanted to start a creative project that connected and celebrated some of the people in my life, as well as challenged me creatively through repetition. I put out a call to my friends, asking and nominating them to be a part of this project because I believe them all to be worthy of recognition and celebration. From there, the project gained some traction and people I did not know began to reach out, either nominating themselves or nominating a woman they love and admire. I love this project, and plan to continue it again in the future.