Moment of Meditation


Senior Art Direction of Moment of Meditation video series

Client: Under Armour



To develop a new content series in the realm of wellness to continue expanding Under Armour’s arsenal of video content on their health and wellness blog Under Armour Connected Fitness. 


Responding to a growing interest in meditation and spiritual/mental wellness, we created an educational and instructive video series that introduces different meditation practices—mantra, sound, active, etc.—and highlights their health benefits. Stylistically, we blended live action and animation, using animation as a way to visualize a meditative state.


As the creative lead for this series, I was a part of pitching and pre-production preparation, and developed the structure of each episode, as well as the series look and feel. I worked closely with our animation partners to marry the visuals with the VO and script crafted by our senior copy writer. And on-set and in post, I provided art direction and feedback, up through final deliverables.